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Strada Ceahlău 11, Târgu Mureș

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HAEMOLAB IMPEX SRL is a company that ensures the equipment and operation of private and hospital medical analysis laboratories. We can confidently state that the findings of the analyses carried out in these laboratories are accurate and of the highest caliber thanks to the high quality of the reagents and equipment sold. We offer our customers specialized servicing for a wide variety of analyzers to ensure the proper and continuous operation of the analyzers. We are at the disposal of our customers and future collaborators with useful advice, scientific support of the highest quality, technical support, and last but not least a varied offer of products to satisfy the competitive requirements of the market within a budget adapted to the possibilities.

HAEMOLAB IMPEX SRL was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of DIAGON Ltd from Hungary. The company's main activity is the sale of reagents, control materials, and laboratory equipment produced by DIAGON Ltd. The distribution of imported medical gadgets from well-known manufacturers around the world is another aspect of our business. We provide specialized services, consumables, and spare parts for all of this equipment. The quality of reagents and services is ensured by the implementation of ISO 9001 and 13485 standards.

The service department is a strong part of our company. The team consists of engineers and technicians with permanent training from medical equipment manufacturers. The service team ensures:

  • - Commissioning of analyzers
  • - Checking, consulting, and training
  • - Maintenance, repairs, and servicing of distributed equipment
  • - Services by the requirements of the legislation in force concerning medical devices
  • - Flexible services to meet the individual needs of each laboratory