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Laboratory instruments

Coag XL

AUTOMATED COAGULATION INSTRUMENT Measurement modes:  Photometry: 405 nm Turbidimetry: 570 nm Nephelometry: 640 nm   Throughput: 300 PT/hour*, 170 PT + APTT tests/hour*   Sample

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Coag L

AUTOMATED COAGULATION INSTRUMENT   Instrument features: 4 independent dual-wavelength measuring channels 14 + 4 cooled reagent, 10 sample and 5 STAT sample positions Optical coagulation,

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Coag M

AUTOMATED COAGULATION INSTRUMENT Key features Random access of clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays (4 channels) Increased throughput: up to 90 PT/hour* Master curve calibration for

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Coag 4D Plus

SEMI-AUTOMATED COAGULATION INSTRUMENT 4-CHANNEL COAGULOMETER   Key features: Four independent measuring channels with parallel measuring option Innovative Easy to Use Software Fast-Track measuring mode Full

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Coag 2D

COAGULOMETER Key features: 2 independent measuring channels 2 reagent positions (2 mL, 5mL) 4 incubation positions Coagulation screening test Quantitative D-dimer measurement AT-III activity measurement

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